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Our top-class 1000Watts solar system is designed to provide constant power supply for your selected appliances like,
Lighting points
Table top fridge
Washing machine
It is economical and maintenance free. It is sustainable with renewable source of energy that never runs out. With no moving parts, the solar panels sit in the sun to harvest energy, durable with lifespan of up to 25 years. The advanced maximum power tracking technology of the incorporated charge controller ensures maximum performance from the solar panels at all times and in all weather conditions. The system can also combine the limited supply from the grid with the harnessed energy from the sun to provide constant power supply for your selected appliances. It is an efficient power solution tailored to put an end to power supply deficit in homes and offices. With the system installed, your power supply need for your selected appliances becomes history.

Installation kit:

1000W/24vdc pure sine wave inverter with battery and utility mode selections
2 pcs of 12V/200AH deep cycle batteries for solar application
1000Watts solar panel comprising of 4 pcs of 250watts solar panels or equivalent.
60 Amps MPPT charge controller with LCD display. It can take up to 3200Watts solar panels for future expansion.
Aluminum solar panels roof mounting support. Rust free
Combiner and DC bus bar with breakers
Cables and accessories
Backup time for home appliance

Free electricity with help from the sun to run your selected appliances.
Fully automatic and silent operation.
Pure sine wave output voltage for smooth running of your appliances.
Advanced maximum power tracking technology for maximum performance from the solar panels at all times and in all weather conditions.
Three stage charging to optimize the battery performance.
Selectable battery voltage cut off points to save your batteries from too much discharge and early battery failure.
Two mode selections: battery mode and utility mode. On battery mode, solar panels become priority source to power your appliances and charge your batteries. The system rejects grid supply as long as your battery is charged, saving you from electric bill. On utility mode, the system accepts grid supply whenever available to power your appliances and also charge the batteries together with the solar source, charging the batteries faster.
Multifunction LCD display with detailed information about the solar system performance (E.g. power being harvested from the sun, charging current, input voltage from the solar panels, battery capacity, battery voltage, etc).
Nominal output voltage of 230VAC.
Output frequency of 50Hz.


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